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ASEP plans, coordinates, and executes Professional Military Education for the entire population of Army General Officers across the total force. Executes rigorous mandatory education of over 400 General Officers annually, through five core courses attended at key milestones in the careers of our GOs: Senior Leader Seminar (SLDS) - previously called ASEP-B, ASEP-Advanced (ASEP-A), ASEP-Senior (ASEP-S), and ASEP-Transition (ASEP-T). Coordinates and funds attendance to additional courses executed by Army, Joint, International, corporations, and civilian institutions of higher education.

ASEP Key Functions

  • The CSA lead for executing GO Education and Leader Development
  • Identify, Nominate, and Notify GO Officers of attendance in GO JPME Education (Army, Joint, and selective/positional courses)
  • Manage ASEPNet – a USAWC GO education web page that coordinates and synchronizes processes and functions associated with GO JPME and records management
  • Manage GO TDY associated with attendance at core courses
  • Coordinate and synchronize GO availability and attendance with all GOMO offices (active, NG, USAR)
  • Provide oversight and input to course content
  • ICW the USAWC Registrar, manage GO transcripts
  • ICW assessment stakeholders, develop and implement a CSA-directed holistic assessments program (Individual and Programmatic)